Thanks to Cityview Magazine in Des Moines for the nice write-up!

Justin Rogers is a Fort Dodge native who glorifies the beauty of Iowa, both urban and rural, in photo prints. A self-employed web designer in West Des Moines, Rogers has the flexibility to “chase the light” that he believes, like Monet chasing haystacks before him, makes or breaks a piece of art.

“It’s all about chasing the light,” says Rogers. “You could sit in one spot all day long and capture entirely different moods of the same scene due to the constantly changing light.”

Only five years into a professional career in photography, he has mastered the craft of making the commonplace breathtaking. Some of these photos (“Milky Way Windmills” and “Cornfield Sunset”) could be mistaken for Christian art. Grateful to a friend who inspired him to take photography serious, Rogers is now a familiar photo workshop teacher in the Des Moines area.

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